What's so special about Matcha?
What's so special about Matcha?

What's so special about Matcha?

What is Matcha?

Matcha is made from a tea leave called “tencha” which is grinded to powder. The tencha is grown using sudare (blinds made with bamboo) or hay to protect it from direct sunlight. It has a lot of amino acid which gives it a nice flavor. Tea has many favorable aspects such as preventing sleepiness and helping diuresis. Since matcha is made from tea leaves which have been grinded into powder, you can absorb all its nutrients directly compared to tea made by boiling.
Further, matcha is said to have the following effects.


Theanine is a flavoring substance that causes the brain to give out the a-wave, which calms one’s excitement and tension and helps one to relax. When you brain relaxes your concentration and memorization is said to improve.


Catechin included in matcha which improves one’s metabolism and burns the subcutaneous fat and offal fat. Tannin, which causes the bitter taste, controls the intake of fat and acts as an enzyme that breaks up the fat. Since one absorbs the tea leaves directly, the fiber improves the bowel system and can prevent constipation.


The antibacterial and sterile effects of catechin helps prevent colds and other sicknesses. This quality is further boosted by the abundant vitamin C.


Vitamin C is said to be effective in protecting you from stress.

Recovery from Fatigue

By taking caffeine, you can recover from fatigue and regain your energy. But be careful of drinking too much matcha. Theanine allows you to sleep well, so that can help you further recover from fatigue.

Aroma Therapy

Matcha has an aromatic component and can be used not only for eating and drinking but for aromatic therapy.

Preventing Bad Breath

The vitamins, catechin, and flavonol prevents bad breath.

Anti-aging, Beauty effects

The catechin and vitamin E in the matcha has antioxidant effects and prevents the hardening of the arteries which leads to anti-aging. Particularly, catechin effectively removes the active oxygen which causes aging. It can have beauty effects where it can remove wrinkles and spots on your skin. Furthermore, theanine prevents the aging of the brain, allowing the nerve cells that control your memory to function properly. Matcha includes vitamins and saponin which are ideal for maintaining fine skin.

Antioxidant effects

B-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B2, catechin, tannin, and flavonol all have antioxidant effects. When there is oxidation in your body it leads to aging.