Welcome to the best organic Uji Matcha supplier, directly from Kyoto to the world!

Kyoto Matcha Direct supplies the very best of genuine organic Kyoto Uji Matcha worldwide directly from Japan. Matcha is far more than just powdered green tea, learn and experience the real thing with Kyoto Matcha Direct.
Matcha is gaining popularity around the world today. Matcha is thought to have good effects regarding relaxation, recovery from fatigue, aromatherapy, increasing concentration, preventing bad breath, diet effects, and anti-aging. Many people are taking notice of Matcha as an ingredient and not just as a drink.
As Matcha has gained popularity, the market has become inundated with many products which claim to be “Matcha”. Some are very cheap whilst some are surprisingly expensive. Many people are unsure how to choose.
Therefore, for those who would like the real Matcha, Kyoto Matcha Direct is committed to:
  • Using only Kyoto Uji Tencha
  • Not using agricultural chemicals, and promoting healthcare of customers and environmental care of the land nearby
  • Producing real matcha by using traditional procedures to steam and dry the tea leaves
  • Conducting soil analysis regularly to manage the soil condition
  • Not simply leaving the plants to grow, but checking the condition of the leaves daily
  • Using the traditional stone mill to grind the tea leaves
Without using any pesticides or artificial fertilizers, Kyoto Matcha Direct's organic Uji Matcha uses tea leaves grown simply with the power of nature, and then using tea-making methods continued for 300 years in Kyoto, with organic processing in accordance with JAS. We guarantee you will enjoy the strong tastiness, bitterness, and fragrance that real Matcha has and its quality as an organic tea is one of the best in Japan. If you know the real Matcha, you appreciate this difference.
Japanese green tea Matcha powder with Tencha leaves.

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